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After being awarded a grant from BOW Life drawing, I studied an 8-week course in Art and Anatomy. This was a brilliant opportunity to extend my previous project 'The Abyss'. 

By intensely studying what lies underneath the skin, I discovered that without facial features, it removes the visual identity of the person. When in a state of ill mental health, it is common to lose the sense of who you are, therefore, the skeletal figure became symbolic in my practice.  Continuing the theme of The Abyss, the skeleton is in a dark space, but a glimmer of light appears; a sense for hope.

If you are interested in buying originals, please visit my shop from the Menu Bar above. Printed versions are on my Etsy shop here

A selection of these will be displayed at Vandal & Co, Exchange Street, Dundee, from 8th May-August 2022. 

Watercolour paintings on A3 paper.

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