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Social Pressure

September - December 2018

Exploring the main causes of mental illness, it was evident that social media has a big part in it. Particularly in young people, it is very easy to be intimidated by other people through your phone through social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. We forget that it is not all as it seems. The girl with the perfect body has suffered to achieve it. The man who post about having a huge group of friends but is still incredibly lonely. We only see the "perfect" side of social media, which can cause anxiety in many people who want to achieve the "perfect" lifestyle.

For a few weeks, I posted selfies onto my Instagram account with cheery captions. What the public did not see was a photo I took at the same time as the complete opposite. After building up a collection of photo's I combined them next to each other to show the contrast. The coloured photos are the 'lie' posted on Instagram, while the black and white photos are the 'truth' hidden from the social media audience. 

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