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The Kintsugi Project

September - December 2017

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique which repairs broken ceramics with gold. It is a great representation of not give up when you are broken. You can come back stronger and more beautiful than you were before. As gold is an expensive material, I found ways of using other sources such as gold leaf paper, spray paints and marker pens.

I began originally by breaking found ceramics in charity shops and mending them together again with a hot glue gun and gold leaf paper, to give that traditional effect. I then wanted to explore this idea with much more ambitions onto walls. Using gold spray paint I coated cracks I found on old buildings.

I liked the idea of the cracks being on a person. We all at one point break down in life, but that does not mean we can't bring the pieces back together. Using a mirror and gold leaf paper, the golden cracks are then on the person standing in front.

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