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The Abyss

Solo exhibition in Dundee

Thursday 8th July - 6th September 2021

The lockdown has been tremendously difficult the past year and has made me feel incredibly lonely. I was drowning deeper and deeper into a state of depression and anxiety, and disconnecting from society, however; I knew there was an end to all of this. I knew one day we would see an end to lockdown, and we will recover.

The nude figures represent the vulnerability and fragility of mental health. I was extremely sensitive for months where I could not bear to get out of bed, losing myself inside my mind. The lights symbolise hope and an end to the darkness.  Despite the chaos in the world, there were moments of serenity and tranquillity; to find peace with your own company and to appreciate the little moments in life. It was a time to reflect, re-prioritise and re-connect with my soul. 


The paintings will be on display and available to buy at Serendipities, Union Street, Dundee, 8th July 2021.

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